Handmade Modern Rag Dolls & Toys

Getting the chance to sketch silly ideas for toys and rag dolls, turning my creative visions into fanciful, fun reality, and watching childrens’ faces light up when they see my dolls is a dream come true!

Riley Construction is a story of a family of creative entrepreneurs. I come from a family of craftspeople and collectors, artists and carpenters. All designs start off as silly sketches which are then turned into original patterns and brought to life in my home studio.
I make my stuffed toys and dolls by hand because I want to preserve my family’s tradition of handcrafting. I create well-made pieces that combine heritage techniques with a fresh, modern outlook. My toys are tactile – they feel nice to little hands. Riley Construction designs are child-approved; my family’s own sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews are the first to test out new products.

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